Omer Topaloglu, PhD

I am a digital marketing professor, researcher, speaker, consultant, and entrepreneur.

I teach digital marketing and social media marketing classes at the graduate and undergraduate levels at the Silberman College of Business, Fairleigh Dickinson University (FDU). I am also the coordinator of the digital marketing program. Here are my thoughts on the social media marketing education at FDU. Recently, I developed and taught a course on Humanity and Technology at FDU’s Honor’s Academy.

My research centers on brand management, digital marketing, and service marketing. Recently, I have published a paper in the Journal of Retailing on how a brand concept’s alignment with a product category impacts its performance in other product categories. In another publication in the Decision Sciences, I study the relationship between online review content and box office revenue. More recently, I focus on the role of trust in building peer-to-peer digital brands, such as Airbnb, UBER, etc. This paper has been published in the Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice.  For more, please visit my research page.

I help companies make sense of the complex world of digital marketing. I assist them to develop digital marketing strategies including search engine marketing, email marketing, or social media marketing. I also provide corporate training in sales and business-to-business marketing. Please inquire here for more information.

I am the president and co-founder of the Society of North American Scholars (SNAS), an academic community for social impact! SNAS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization initiated by an interdisciplinary network of scholars in the United States. We organized an academic conference on the role of social impact in academic research on October 8, 2022. Dr. Elsa Núñez, President of Eastern Connecticut State University, delivered a keynote speech, entitled “Equity on College Campuses and Its Impact on Research“.

My passion for business extends beyond the U.S. borders. I am also a board member of the Academy of Global Business Research and Practice, a truly international forum for the promotion of scholarship and dissemination of global business theory and practice. My involvement with the organization started when I was a graduate student at Montclair State University. I was the director of the organization’s secretariat and helped organize the 10th International Conference in Kyoto, Japan.

I received my PhD in Marketing from Texas Tech University, MBA in Marketing and International Business from Montclair State University, and BA in Economics from Bogazici University. I also worked at Eastern Illinois University for four years.

FDU Marketing Faculty